Interested in a hot body, a Bugatti, a Maserati, a Lamborghini, sipping martinis, looking hot in a bikini, living fancy, living in a big mansion or partying in France? Britney Spears has a how-to plan for you, but it's not going to be easy. See, you're going to have to work. That's the message of Britney's latest single, the bouncy, electronic "Work Bitch."

"But what kind of work do we need to do?" one might ask labor taskmaster Britney, and this is where the song's Ben Mor-directed video has you covered. Obviously, the answer is dancing, and the preferred location is alternately in the desert near a Lamborghini, in front of a Planet Hollywood, in a pool full of dolphins or in Britney Spears's lavish, S&M-themed Las Vegas penthouse sex den.

Bold minds might call the video "scintillating," while others might settle for "hot" or "a really direct promotion for Britney's upcoming Vegas gig, which incidentally is at the Planet Hollywood Resort." Whether it's all three or none of the above, let it serve as an inspiration toward a more productive lifestyle.

Check out the video for "Work Bitch" above.

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