Earlier this year, Kendrick Lamar gave Papoose's career a huge boost by letting him grace the Summer Jam stage without even telling the concert's organizers beforehand. It was a bizarre moment for sure, but the Compton rapper said he was just showing Papoose love after Papoose had helped him out years ago. So today, Papoose returned the favor... by dissing the shit out of Kendrick in his response to "Control."

Now, since the release of "Control" Monday night, there's been a flood of response records. (For a helpful tally of the first batch of responses, click here.) But this one is totally WTF. For starters, Pap kicks off the song by saying he only needs 30 seconds—and then proceeds to rap for almost four minutes straight. Poor time management skills aside, Pap's rhymes were, umm... Well, we picked out some representative selections, and then found some GIFs showing how we'd imagine Kendrick might react. 

Just know, there's a reason why Kendrick feels comfortable enough to call himself the King of New York: It's because guys like Papoose rap like this.

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