Miley Cyrus was the host of tonight's Saturday Night Live, and also served as the night's musical guest. Her first performance of the night was "Wrecking Ball." Clad in an oversized black jersey and wearing a giant chain on her neck, Miley belted out the vocal for the first number one single of her career. She did not cry in this live rendition of the song, as she has in the past, but she had a harder, steely edge to the song's closing.

Miley also performed the first single off her upcoming album, Bangerz, "We Can't Stop." She gave the Saturday Night Live audience a special rendition of the song, however, performing the Mike WiLL Made It-produced hit in acoustic form. Miley was backed simply by three guitars, demonstrating that her vocal range makes her a bonafide singer.

As host, Miley starred in several skits during the show. The first skit found her to be the cause of America's demise (particularly poking fun at her controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards). Miley's opening monologue found her poking fun at herself for twerking, saying, "I used to think twerking was cool but now that white people are doing it it seems kinda lame." She also commented on her VMA performance, and shouted out the inventor of the foam finger, who complained about her "degrading" the object.

There was also an incredible parody version of "We Can't Stop" called "We Did Stop (The Government)," that naturally touched upon the current government shutdown. Miley donned a wig and played the role of Michele Bachmann, and the teddy bears were replaced with elephants, the symbol of the Republican Party.

[via Mr. World Premiere]

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