Album: The Great Gatsby:Music from Baz Luhrmann's Film
Producer: Rick Nowels
Label: Walter Tower,Interscope

Without Lana Del Rey, The Great Gatsby soundtrack would have been missing the crucial track that embodied the entire theme that runs rampant throughout the movie. Lana's "Young and Beautiful" came right in time for summer—as did Born to Die and last year's "National Anthem." Most importantly, the Gatsby soundtrack needed a thematic, orchestral production backed by hauntingly beautiful vocals and songs about love, youth, and beauty. Thank god for Lana Del Rey. Unlike much of the anticipated tracks on the soundtrack, "Young and Beautiful" is not a cover, and yet it completely embodies the entire plot line of The Great Gatsby—the pursuit of the American Dream, beauty, and the recklessness of youth. —Lauren Nostro