For what it's worth, many of us had to take a crash course in what the net neutrality repeal meant for our everyday Internet lives; you can't expect everyone to have already known who Ajit Pai, the Chairman for the Federal Communications Commission was. While he was an Obama appointment; it was Trump who put Pai on as the Chairman of the FCC in January of 2017, and in December, it was his face that was plastered on every website when it came to the FCC's vote to repeal net neutrality. Part of that is no doubt due to Pai linking with the Daily Caller to make a corny web video assuring people that they could still Harlem Shake if net neutrality is deaded, as if people were still rocking with that meme. Where they really f***ed up is in using the actual "Harlem Shake" song without permission; the irony of using copyrighted works in a video featuring the FCC Chairman. Funny how life works. khal