XXXTentacion posted a video to his Instagram on Wednesday night that appeared to show the rapper hanging himself. The clip, posted just before 9 pm, was met with a wide range of reactions. There was no immediate reaction from anyone close to the artist for hours, so fans were left wondering if it was real.

Many people were skeptical, wondering how X could have edited and posted the video if the events it depicted were real.

Others, however, were worried that it might be legitimate, and were scared.

There was concern that, even if it was a stunt, it could trigger people who are actually suicidal. 

There was, of course, speculation that the video had something to do with his upcoming album 17.

Early Thursday morning, hours after the video was posted, XXXTentacion reappeared. He posted on Twitter in a series of now-deleted tweets, explaining that the clip was a scene from an upcoming music video. He said that he hadn't commented after posting the clip because he was busy filming. He also explained that the noose was "a prop from a slavery scene." He waved off contentions that people would be worried it was real. "I figured [my fans] would know which song it was for," he wrote. 

On Instagram, he wrote simply, "If you thought I would 'pretend' to kill myself for a publicity stunt you're fucking stupid."

And he elaborated in a longer video on social media shortly afterwards.

The rapper's responses set off a whole new round of outrage.