Notable scumbag Martin Shkreli visited the UC-Davis campus on Friday night to speak at an event hosted by a Republican student group. Shortly after his arrival, the notorious pharma bro attempted to speak to a group of shouting protesters, one of whom called Shkreli a “piece of shit” before pelting a substance at his face. Many media outlets have since reported the substance was dog feces; however, Shrekli claims it was just leaves.

“There was no poop thrown, unfortunately. This is what they call 'fake news,’” the 33-year-old told Mashable via email. “There was something thrown—my security determined it to be leaves, which I brushed off. The lack of smell, stain or other obvious findings eliminates the possibility."

Despite Shkreli’s denial, Twitter loves the idea that he took shit to the face.

Shkreli was scheduled to speak at the event alongside Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor for the right-wing website Breitbart News. Both men are regarded as some of the most controversial and hated figures in politics and business: Shrekli is most known as the asshole who raised the price of a HIV treatment drug from $13.50 to $750.00 a pill, and the openly gay Yiannopoulos is widely viewed as a racist, sexist, Islamophobe, and all-around bigot.


The tour returns this Friday the 13th, with guest star Martin Shkreli. A killer night ahead of us, UC Davis...

A photo posted by MILO (@milo.yiannopoulos) on Jan 12, 2017 at 8:32am PST

The event was ultimately canceled after a group of UC-Davis protesters blocked access to the venue on campus, according to a statement by college officials

“I am deeply disappointed with the events of this evening,” said UC-Davis Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter. “Our community is founded on principles of respect for all views, even those that we personally find repellent. As I have stated repeatedly, a university is at its best when it listens to and critically engages opposing views, especially ones that many of us find upsetting or even offensive.”

The statement also claimed the event was canceled by its organizers, Davis College Republicans; however, Yiannopoulos insists that wasn’t true.

According to Mashable, Yiannopoulos returned to the UC-Davis campus Saturday, leading a group of students who were criticizing the school’s alleged decision to shut down Friday’s event.