Shouts to 2017 for officially getting the fuckboys of Hollywood the fuck out of here. From Harvey Weinstein to Louis C.K. to Kevin Spacey, victims are speaking out against these actors and producers and their sexual assault and misconduct. The thing is, many of these figures are notable in the Hollywood spectrum and aren't alone in their fuckery. That can become a problem when it's time for you to pick a new movie to indulge in, although there's a new website that can make it easier for you to answer one crucial question: "Are there any problematic men in the movie I'm trying to watch?"

Rotten Apples, which is a clever play on the "rotten apple" phrase and movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and can do just that. As Broadly explained, the idea for the site was birthed during a conversation between four people over drinks. Tal Wagman, one of the site's creators, recalled that they "noticed there was a snowball effect happening and it was becoming very difficult to keep track of all the names that were tied to allegations. We thought it would be great if there were a simple tool to help people figure out this information."

And it's very simple. Just plug in the name of a TV show or a movie, select it, and it will let you know if the movie is "fresh apples" (there are no cast members or production people who have allegations against them) or rotten apples (it contains someone or multiple people who do). They even provide receipts in the form of links about their allegations.

It's not 100%. I tried plugging in The Sopranos and the show didn't come up. I also searched 2016's Deadpool, and initially it said it was "fresh apples," although T.J. Miller (who played Weasel) has allegations against him that hit Tuesday. Don't fret, though; there is a simple way to submit links, and while writing this article, it looks like Miller was added to the database.

Broadly reports that Rotten Apples hit roughly three million searches in its first week, which screams that the service is necessary. Check it out for yourself, and stay woke.