Nashville Police Officer Fired After Appearing in Fake Traffic Stop OnlyFans Video

The cop wore his uniform in the OnlyFans production.

Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A Nashville police officer has been fired after appearing in an OnlyFans video.

WTVF reports Metro Nashville Police terminated Sean Herman, an officer who has been with the department for three years, after he appeared in an OnlyFans video. The clip, which can be viewed below, features Herman pulling over a woman during a fake traffic stop.

Wearing his police uniform and badge, Herman, whose face isn't seen in the video, approaches the driver and asks her if she's aware she was going “65 in a 45,” before asking for her license and registration. The woman tells the cop she doesn’t have either before exposing her breasts.

Herman reacts to the woman exposing her breasts by replying, "Ma'am, it's 2024. I can see tits on the internet any time." The woman responds, "Well, what if you touched them?" Herman then gropes her breasts while touching his genitals through his pants.

Metro Nashville police told the local news station the department was made aware of the video Wednesday and immediately launched an investigation, which resulted in Herman being decommissioned and subsequently fired.

“That was one of the most outrageous, disrespectful acts that a person here could do and, by disrespectful, I mean to all the MNPD employees and this agency,” said police spokesperson Don Aaron told WTFV.

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