UPDATED 7/13, 11:20 a.m. ET: Shortly after Kulture’s birthday party, Cardi B tweeted, “Listen imma live my childhood dreams thru my kids.” Once news began spreading about the level of extravagance showered upon her and Offset’s 3-year-old, this remark led to more words from the “WAP” rapper.

Asked if she actually “proudly” and “loudly” shared the sentiment about vicariously experiencing a better childhood, Cardi answered, “Yes why not? Princess parties, unlimited toys, vacations and Pools my kid loves the pool and I went to the pool like 5 times in my childhood. Different flavor cereal not just Raisin Bran.”

She went on to conclude that haters “want me to be just as miserable as them” and that you “can’t show people you happy” on social media.

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Cardi B and Offset celebrated the third birthday of their daughter Kulture on Saturday, and she got some very expensive gifts.

The parents threw Kulture a fairy tale-themed party that came with some extravagant presents from both of them. The party featured an outdoor petting zoo and a balloon tunnel, and Cardi matched her outfit with her daughter, but the biggest cost had to be the Richard Mille watch purchased by Offset.

Reportedly estimated to be worth around $250K—which isn’t all that surprising considering the Swiss brand sells products upwards of $1 million—the watch was gifted to the 3-year-old during the festivities. 

“Her daddy out did me but I still got my baby nice,” wrote Cardi alongside a video of her gifting Kulture a diamond necklace.

Page Six reports that the necklace piece was designed by Elliot Eliantte, the famous jeweler who worked on Lil Uzi Vert’s forehead diamond.

“Thank you @eliantte for my baby charm necklace,” Bardi added. 

Offset also shared a video of him and Kulture dancing upon wishing her a happy birthday.

“My baby girl turning big 3 omg too fast you have so much character and joy about yourself we always have a ball and you love your daddy and daddy loves you too,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Cardi and Offset have splashed out big time for Kulture’s birthday. They previously celebrated her first year with a $100K Word Party chain.

The “Type Shit” collaborators are expecting a second baby this year.