Once again, Lil Uzi Vert set the bar for rapper flexing even higher today. He’s covered Bugattis and Bentley trucks in custom anime artwork wraps. He has a Narnia-sized closet filled with what appears to be endless designer clothing. He’s also always had a thing for extravagant custom jewelry. But if the price of $24 million being floated around is even close to true, this is easily his wildest flex to date.

After initially teasing his latest purchase on social media over the weekend, Uzi and his go-to jeweler Elliot Eliantte both posted on IG to confirm that the Philly rapper did indeed get a giant pink diamond pierced into the center of his forehead. Whether you appreciate it or don’t quite understand why Uzi is impersonating Vision, the fictional Marvel superhero, the pink diamond is certainly a sight to behold. And it got us thinking about his broad jewelry collection.

Check out our rundown of some of  Lil Uzi Vert’s craziest jewelry below.