Year Founded: 2000
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Notable Styles: Tight, Five, High-Slim

The concept behind Cheap Monday is a rather common one. You had a crazy weekend and spent lots of your hard-earned cash, and now you have a literal cheap Monday. In 2000, founders Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg, and a few of their friends opened a second-hand store named Weekend. Following the success of Weekend, the group opened up a larger shop named Weekday. While the shop did well, the denim the shop provided was expensive, and Andersson wanted to provide his clients with cheap, quality denim. This process was the genesis behind the brand's first jean, the “Tight” style, in 2004.

H&M acquired Cheap Monday in 2008 and operates the company to this day. That noted, the punk aesthetics that were there at the start of the brand have not gone missing even in the brand's current iterations. The “Tight” is the signature style and, as the name implies, is a skinny style that has a unisex appeal. The “Five” style is more traditional, with a medium waist, regular fit, and is meant to model the denim cuts of the 1990s.