Raspberry scratch-n-sniff, 32oz., glow-in-the-dark, and cashmere are just a few of the denim options available from Naked & Famous. The Canadian brand just doesn't make great, selvedge denim, it truly innovates within the world of warp and weft. Founder Brandon Svarc and partner Bahzad Trinos took the time to explain what goes into all of his crazy ideas without wandering away from the techniques that have always produced the world's best denim.

Svarc, who has a family history of manufacturing workwear, wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, and came up with Naked & Famous in a kooky way of continuing the family legacy. Except, instead of making the same-old jeans and canvas jackets, Svarc wanted to explore the awesome ideas he had as a kid, which is how tings like glow-in-the-dark denim came to be. 

And while their production techniques may be comfortably old-school, the brand is doing absolutely bonkers shit when it comes to fabrics. Japanese judo outfit cloth, thermochromic material, stainless steel, wool, and bulletproof pants are just a few options that have come from the minds of Svarc and Trinos. If you're looking for a denim option that is made with the soul of OG denim and incorporates the craziness of a mad scientist, Naked & Famous has you covered.