Denim nerds always geek out over what brands offer the best whiskers or fades, but if they're looking for something unique, they turn to Naked & Famous. There is nothing the Canadian brand isn't willing to try, and every season brings something new. Its jeans, of course, also develop whiskers and nice fades, but on top of that, Naked & Famous has made denim with scratch and sniff fabric, glow-in-the-dark material, and even color changing features. The label embodies next level design.

For the brand’s latest innovation, Naked & Famous baked reflective coating on a Japanese denim fabric to create its new Reflective Denim. Of course, there’s the novelty aspect of wearing jeans that shine all night, but the glowing feature also serves a purpose, like keeping you visible in the dark to drivers on the road. If you’re a night owl, then these will be perfect for all your nocturnal activities. The Reflective Denim jeans will be available in Weird Guy and Skinny Guy models starting this fall. Check out the video below to see them in action.