Nudie Jeans is known for its raw and many washes of denim, but this season the brand continues to highlight itself as a complete clothing brand. Its "Blue Black" collection for fall/winter 2013 pays homage to how badass denim looks with leather jackets, but also how someone can have a completely-indigo wardrobe and not look like Jay Leno or the Kardashians.

Instead, Nudie shows that you can wear denim of multiple washes and pair it with slick outerwear to become the sort of person that shouldn't be messed with. If you're not looking to break in a pair of unwashed denim, Nudie's washes all look as authentic as could be. But the brand also has jackets, T-shirts, and printed sweaters.

Take a flip through the editorial, and find out how you're going to break some rules (or laws) this season.