Levi's Orange Tab was the brand's response to the changing tides in American culture doing the '60s and '70s. The brand had built a rich history—in the previous 100 or so years that it had been around—providing people with clothes that could stand up and make a statement. As the baby boomers came of age, and shook the conscience of the country, they also wanted great jeans they could afford. This is where Orange Tabs came into play.

After a hiatus, Levi's Vintage Clothing has brought back the Orange Tab, and is ready for it be re-disovered by a new generation that likes to live just as wild as their parents (although they'd never admit it). In the first collection in some time, Levi's is reintroducing the denim jackets, jeans, and T-shirts that clothed the dudes (and girls) which left an impact on America.

To celebrate this occasion, the brand even got some of today's best rockers and threw a rad party out in the West Coast sun—playing tunes from the bands that had everyone listening in the '60s and '70s.

If you want to get down with these cool vibes, visit LVC's website for more information.