Photography by Brad Bridgers; Styling by Krisana Palma

We know what you’re thinking: Glow in the dark denim is totally unnecessary. Okay, but how cool is it to have a perfectly normal looking pair of dark selvedge denim that illuminates when the lights go out? The jean’s glow comes from a phosphorescent coating that absorbs light during the day, and releases a green glow at night. Here’s one good reason to wear them: no more fumbling around looking for your jeans in the dark when you need to bail after an impromptu sleepover.

Naked & Famous Denim $240,"

The Glow in the Dark selvedge denim jeans is a one of a kind crazy invention by Naked & Famous Denim. These are jeans that really do glow in the dark! Just charge them up in the light (can be natural sunlight or artificial bulb light) and then shut the lights and watch ‘em glow! The jeans will also glow intensely under UV light (aka Blacklight), so if you wear the jeans in a club with a blacklight, your pants will appear neon green! Even the selvedge edges glow so flip up your cuff to flip people out!


Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch

Just a basic raw black jean that’s a staple in every wardrobe. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Slight sheen gives it a polished look.

Suggested retail: $135


Skinny Guy Selvedge Duck

(also available in Weird Guy and Slim Guy)

First jeans made in the late 1800s were not made of denim; they were made from a sturdy canvas, called duck. Our jean is a lightweight 10oz, but still ultra-durable selvedge version.

It has a great versatile color and is a khaki or indigo denim alternative.

Suggested retail: $145


Skinny Guy Blanket-lined Double Denim

Dark, soft and cozy denim with what looks like a multicolored blanket lining. It’s one single denim made from 2 warps and 2 wefts woven simultaneously with binding points which is why it’s called double-denim or double-faced denim. The yarns are indigo/black/indigo/tweed. That’s how the jeans get that super rich indigo/black color.

You can cuff the jeans for an extra pop of color. It’s a great fall/winter jean. Again- super, super cozy.

Barney’s New York and Barney’s COOP exclusive for this season.

Suggested retail: $190


Weird Guy Pomegranate Selvedge

14oz left-hand-twill selvedge denim dyed in a blended dyestuff made partially from real pomegranate tannin. We also added a chemical color stabilizer so that the color won’t fade too quickly in the sun and to even the surface color

You won’t find this color anywhere else! It’s a deeply saturated color that will fade nicely. I can’t wait to see a beat up pair of these.

Suggested retail: $198


Weird Guy Brushed Herringbone in Pale Grey

We are constantly asked by young professionals for “jeans that aren’t jeans”. So, here they are. These are 100% cotton, brushed herringbone twill 5-pocket pants. No rivets and no leather patch make these very work appropriate, plus they are just really soft and easy to wear. Features a 4-hole-button fly closure. Also comes in a charcoal color

Suggested retail: $168


Weird Guy, Naked & Famous  and Oni Denim collaboration

Our first collaboration with Oni Denim from Okayama, Japan. Oni (which means devil or demon in Japanese) is a small cult brand whose reclusive owner refuses to play by industry rules or even do any interviews. He’s a total badass. The denim fabric for this collaboration is super slubby and irregular. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful and rare denims we’ve ever worked with.

Barney’s New York and Barney’s COOP exclusive for this season.

Suggested retail: $275


Weird Guy Indigo Selvedge

Just a basic, raw indigo selvedge jean that should be a staple in every wardrobe.

Suggested retail: $126


Weird Guy Elephant 2

(also available in Skinny Guy)

A dark, ultra heavy 22oz indigo selvedge denim jean. Basically these are the best value for super heavyweight jeans anywhere in the world. It features a 10oz natural tan bridal leather patch that will also age beautifully.

Suggested retail: $165


Slim Guy Natural Indigo Selvedge

(also available in Skinny Guy)

Light blue raw indigo jean.

Suggested retail: $140


Slim Guy Left Hand Twill

(also available in Skinny Guy and Weird Guy)

 Left hand twill is well known for being a bit softer than it’s right hand equivalent denim. Though it’s incorrect to say that all left-hand twill is softer than all right-hand twill because the type of cotton yarn, weave and other factors greatly affect the “softness” of a denim. But compared to the equivalent right-hand twill denim, a LHT will be a bit softer and have a cleaner surface appearance due to the direction of the spun yarn matching with the direction of the weave.By the way, if you don’t care about all this fabric nerdyness, that’s ok as well. These are simply a clean looking 12.5oz raw indigo pair of jeans for a great price!

Retail: $140


The jeans work because we apply a phosphorescent coating to the fabric in Japan. This coating is baked into the fabric and will absorb light and slowly release that light with an emanating green glow, just like those Glow in the Dark stickers we had on our ceiling as a kid. Another fun aspect of the jeans is after you beat them up a bit the wear patterns will cause the coating to fade in certain parts of the jean and will create a unique piece of glowing art!


We have done 5 wash tests and the jeans still glow nicely. If you want the glow to last as long as possible, wash your jeans as little as possible, (we know you do that anyways) or just dry clean them.


Denim weight = 13.5oz

Made in Canada from Japanese Denim

Available at Barneys New York and Barneys COOP locations nationwide.

Suggested retail = $240.