The jeans are really, really, skinny towards the ankle. The hem is around 6-7 inches. Kanye's taken the super-slim APC New Cure fit with a low rise and washed it to perfection, but there's also a raw version available, for guys who prefer to break in their denim themselves. Denimheads will be glad to know they feature a buttonfly with donut buttons and red-line selvedge at the hem, but they're made with a lockstitch and not the vintage chainstitch like other premium denim brands.

Honestly, given the supertight fit, the raw jeans were really uncomfortable, especially for the summer. But the washed jeans have a cool aesthetic if you let them stack at the bottom—reminiscent of a super worn-in pair of Dior Homme 19 cm denim. You'll probably have to size up, resulting in a loose, baggy waist and a really tapered bottom. It sounds weird but actually looks dope. You could wear these with high-tops or Jordans and kill it. Strangely, both pairs are $265. Usually raw jeans cost a little less than their washed counterparts.