Date: October 19, 2013 - December 23, 2013
Stage designers: Es Devlin and DONDA
Music performed: The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808s and Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus

When Kanye dropped the much-anticipated album Yeezus this summer, rumors about the rapper’s solo tour began to swirl, and fans went wild when Kanye finally announced on Twitter that he would be touring the country. Long time design collaborator, Es Devlin, was called on to do the stage design for the tour, and she created something impressive enough to match Kanye’s explosive performance.

Yeezus kicked off on Oct. 19 in Seattle where Kanye opened with “On Sight” in a custom-made mask that obscured his whole face. During different points in the performance, Kanye stands illuminated by beams of light that give him an expectedly godly glow. In fact, while Kanye sings “Jesus Walks,” an actor appears as the reincarnation of Jesus on stage.

For the tour, Devlin constructed a mountain on stage, which was wreathed in digital flames for “Blood on Leaves.” During “Guilt Trip,” creepy women in long white dresses walked up the mountain's ramps. The women are reminiscent of Vanessa Beecroft’s work, an artist who has worked with Kanye in the past for the 30-minute Runaway film and also during his listening party for 808s and Heartbreak. We wouldn't be surprised if Beecroft had a hand in arranging the dancers, who, in full nude bodysuits, appear in many of Kanye’s sets.

Just 11 days on the road, Kanye’s tour momentum screeched to a halt when a truck carrying custom-made screens and equipment crashed on the road to Vancouver on Oct. 30. Yeezus will begin again tomorrow, Nov. 16 in Philadelphia.

"I Am a God" in Oakland, Calif.

"Blood on the Leaves" in Oakland, Calif.

"Jesus Walks" in Seattle

"Send it Up" in Oakland, Calif.