Forget baseball season. Forget flu season. Forget the four seasons, season finales, Italian seasoning, all of 'em.

It's official: Kanye season is here. If you haven't gotten your shot, it's too late.

Last night Kanye debuted his new single "New Slaves" in a way that only he could. No, really, no one's ever done this before: He broadcast the song on the side of 66 buildings around the world.  

We should've seen this coming. Maybe not a video broadcast on 66 buildings, but something similarly weird and brilliant. Put it simply: Kanye West is ahead of his time. Other artists make music videos, 'Ye makes a full-on short film for his entire album. That's what has pushed his career to the top of the game. He's known for being unconventional. The minute we think he'll do one thing, he goes and does another. He's a musical and marketing genius.

How will 'Ye top last night's epic debut? We can't wait to find out. Until then, there are some standout  inventive moves in his music career to warrant a retrospective. Here is a brief timeline of his most unconventional music moments.

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