Kanye West is performing live at the 2013 Met Gala right now. To fit in with this year's punk theme, we're hoping to hear new music—possibly even his latest collaborations with Daft Punk. But for now, here's what we've seen so far.

A-Trak just posted this Vine of Kanye screaming "I Am A God:" 

 Jaime King posted more of his "I Am A God" track on Vine:

Virgil Abloh just Instagrammed this pic of Kanye on stage, too:

Coco Rocha, a Canadian fashion model, posted this pic of Kanye with the caption "Kanye wearing a sparkly #Givenchy top telling us he's "only singing new stuff" tonight:"

Another update from Collision Magazine

Jaime King just posted this Vine of Kanye performing:

Teresa Palmer just Vined another new Kanye track, it sounds like he's singing "I got a hope, I got a chance, cause baby you're awesome:"

Coco Rocha just Vined Kanye on stage with the caption "Kanye telling Kim not to worry what anyone says that she's awesome. Quite touching really:"

 It looks like Kanye also performed "Clique" according to another Vine from Jaime King:

A-Trak posted this photo on Instagram with the caption "Ye premiering the new album... #mask #jimcarrey:"

According to Team Kanye Daily, we'll have footage of the live performance later this week:

Kim Kardashian posted these photos on her Instagram of the performance last night:

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