We made it, guys. The NFL is back and it's hard not to appreciate having football back in our lives after it looked like it might not happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And who knows what will happen this season, but as of now, they're playing and we're ready for it. Of course, the season will look different than most. A good amount of teams won't have fans to start the season and with a shortened offseason, the football could look a little ugly to start the season.

We've already ranked every QB in the NFL and gave you our full season predictions for every single team, as well as playoff predictions. And now just like last year, we're bringing you guys weekly predictions for every single NFL game. These are straight up picks and not ATS. For all our NFL bets of the week, tune into the Complex Sports 'Load Management' podcast, where we break down every game by the spread. We're all 0-0. Let's have some fun.

Overall Records: 

Chopz - 7-9
Adam - 9-7
Angel - 10-6
Zion - 8-8

Browns (-6) vs. Bengals 

Chopz: Please don’t hurt me again, Browns. You have to win this game. 

Adam: Short week. Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors. Baker Mayfield looks lost. Distractions galore for Cleveland. Bengals body the Browns. 

Zion: Browns at home but I’d love to see another meltdown. 

Angel: No way the Browns lose this game. No. Way. Cleveland bounces back in a convincing way.

Titans (-9.5) vs. Jaguars 

Chopz: Give me the Titans, even though the Jags won a shocker in Week 1. They’ll fall back down to earth here. 

Adam: No Minshew Magic here. 

Zion: Titans dominate. 

Angel: Titans win but I don’t think they cover.

Bears (-5.5) vs. Giants

Chopz: I’ll take the Bears. Khalil Mack might have five sacks against this Giants offensive line. 

Adam: O/U 2.5 fumbles from Danny Dimes Sunday? Take the O. And the Bears. 


Angel: Even with all the mishaps last week, the Giants had a chance to win that game. And they’ll be in this game until they lose it. I’ll take the Bears.

Cowboys (-5) vs. Falcons 

Chopz: Give me the Cowboys in a bounce back game after they somehow blew it on SNF against the Rams. 

Adam: Didn’t watch a minute of the Falcons in Week 1. Watched every minute of the Cowboys’ debacle in LA and they’re better than that—unless Mike McCarthy continues to make stupid strategic coaching decisions. Dallas earns win No. 1. 

Zion: The Cowboys will bounce back and win. 

Angel: The Cowboys owe me money; about $213 to be exact. I’ll still take them here because I’m starting Ceedee Lamb.

Steelers (-6.5) vs. Broncos 

Chopz: Steelers take this one. They look great on defense and Big Ben might be all the way back. 

Adam: Big Ben looked bad before he looked good against the Giants. Don’t go crazy over that performance since New York’s defense is a disaster. Regardless, I would advise you roll with Roethlisberger in his home debut. 

Zion: I’m going to mad if I have to watch JuJu do Tik Tok dances in the end zone but the steelers win this one. 

Angel: The Steelers should take this one. That defense is tough and Big Ben is almost washed but not quite there yet.

Colts (-3) vs. Vikings 

Chopz: Upset on the road here from the Vikings. 

Adam: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Colts. 

Zion: Vikings win this. 

Angel: Vikings take this because they’re the better team. Upset City.

Bucs (-9) vs. Panthers 

Chopz: Tom Brady isn’t going 0-2. Bucs win big against the Panthers. 

Adam: I’m going to be rooting like crazy for the Panthers just so we can hear tons of hysteria Monday morning on all the debate shows. The Bucs get the first win of the Brady era, but closer than the experts think. 

Zion: Run CMC runs all over the Bucs. Panthers. 

Angel: The Bucs but kinda want the Panthers to win for chaos purposes.

Dolphins (+5.5) vs. Bills 

Chopz: I almost want to pick the Dolphins here in an upset, but we’ll go with the Bills. When is it going to be Tua time? 

Adam: Yes, the Bills have won five of the last six meetings, but I have to start picking some upsets. Dolphins take it in front of a few thousand fans that will surely piss off Bills coach Sean McDermott. 

Zion: Bills. Next. 

Angel: The Bills start off 2-0. In Josh Allen We Trust.

Jets (+7) vs. 49ers 

Chopz: 49ers had plenty of chances against the Cardinals. They’ll be angry and the Jets aren’t very good. Jimmy G and company rolls in NYC. 

Adam: Already seen enough from the Jets to advise you to never pick them the rest of the season. Niners. 

Zion: The Jets are barely an NFL team. Adam Gase is a high school coach at best. Niners. 

Angel: The Niners in a blowout, easy victory, which hopefully gets Adam Gase the fuck outta here.

Eagles (+1.5) vs. Rams 

Chopz: I’ll take the Eagles but I don’t feel very confident about it. 

Adam: Rams because nobody else here will have the stones to pick against the Eagles, who have had recent success against LA, at home. 

Zion: Eagles will bounce back because last week was them dropping the ball more than anything.

Angel: The Rams are better than Washington and that offense looked special against the Cowboys. Give me LA here.

Packers (-6) vs. Lions 

Chopz: Y’all pissed Aaron Rodgers off and now look. I’ll take the Packers here to win big at home. 

Adam: Why the hell not? Lions. 

Zion: I said it week 1, Aaron Rodgers is on a mission. Packers. 

Angel: Packers starting off 2-0.

Cardinals (-6.5) vs. Football Team 

Chopz: Cardinals might be the real deal. I’ll take them at home here against Washington, but it might be close. That football team in DC has a crazy defense. 

Adam: Closer than the experts think. Cardinals and Kyler Murray prevail. 

Zion: Cardinals. 

Angel: Arizona in a close one.

Texans (+6.5) vs. Ravens 

Chopz: I want to take the Texans because they’ve had extra time to prepare, but I’ll go with the Ravens. 

Adam: Taking the upset here. Give me the Texans. 

Zion: Baltimore, Adam is crazy.

Angel: The Ravens are going to destroy the Texans and their dumbass coach.

Chargers (+8.5) vs. Chiefs 

Chopz: Chiefs roll. 

Adam: Only those smoking dust would pick the Chargers to upset the Chiefs since KC has won 11 of the past 12 meetings. For the record: I do not smoke dust. 

Zion: Chiefs. 

Angel: Kansas City.

Seahawks (-4.5) vs. Patriots 

Chopz: Cam looked really good for the Pats in Week 1, but Russell Wilson is gunning for MVP this year. Give me Seattle. 

Adam: Mr. Unlimited moves his squad to 2-0. Seahawks spank the Patriots on Sunday night. 

Zion: I love Cam but they struggled vs. the Dolphins. Seattle. 

Angel: Mr. Un...Lim...ited and the Hawks in a very entertaining Sunday Night matchup.

Raiders (+5.5) vs. Saints 

Chopz: Drew Brees and the Saints won week 1, but is anyone else worried about Brees? He looks a bit washed right now. Give me the Raiders in Vegas. 

Adam: Would advise taking the Raiders if you are gambling against the spread, but straight up I can’t go against my Super Bowl selection—the Saints. 

Zion: No Mike Thomas worries me. Gimmie the Raiders. 

Angel: The Raiders are going to be better than people expect, but the Saints are just gonna be too much.