Charles Barkley Addresses James Harden's Remarks About Not Feeling Any Playoff Pressure

Charles Barkley carved out some TV time to discuss his thoughts on the recent remarks from James Harden, who says he isn't feeling any pressure.

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Charles Barkley has given his taken on recent comments from James Harden about not feeling any playoffs-related “pressure” at the moment.

During a Friday night NBA on TNT segment, Barkley urged the Philadelphia 76ers player to “think again” when it comes to what fans are expecting from him.

“James Harden, you said you don’t feel no pressure. Man, you better think again,” Barkley said, as seen in the TNT-shared clip above. “Them people in Philadelphia ain’t gon’ be having you going out there, playing bad. … You got more pressure on you than any player in the playoffs. Good luck, now. Because my Sixers, I love y’all. … But James, don’t try. Don’t tell that lie.”

Thursday, Harden told reporters (per ABC News) he felt “good” after a 6ixers practice. “Pressure, no. I feel good,” he said, adding that he was “ready to hoop.” Harden also made similar comments in a prior interview with Complex during which he stated he has nothing to prove this postseason.

“For me personally, I always want to go out there and play well and contribute in whatever way I need to contribute but for me, it’s going out there and playing my game, trying to help my team win,” Harden, who also spoke about his Body Armor partnership, ​​​​​​​told Complex. “I don’t feel any pressure, I don’t feel any of that.”

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