The Best Moments in NCAA March Madness Tournament History

We're running through the best moments in NCAA March Madness history ahead of the 2016 tournament.

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There’s nothing like March Madness—the drama, the true heartbreak, the excitement of it all—and as we gear up for the 2016 NCAA Tournament, it’s the perfect time to run through 10 of the best moments in tournament history.

From a win for civil rights in Texas Western’s victory over Kentucky to Chris Webber’s “timeout heard around the nation” to a Christian Laettner shot that is arguably the best buzzer-beater of all time, we’re taking a look back at what makes this spring tournament the best time of the year for college basketball fans.

Check out the video above if you want to get all up in your feelings for the triumphant moments we all remember, and for the nail-biting final seconds of a few games that will set your nerves on edge, even if you already know the outcome. The madness is real.

Selection Sunday 2016 is March 13, so make sure you get your brackets filled out and prepare yourself for some incredible memories from this year’s tournament.

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