Fans Start Petition to Stop Michael Vick From Being Legends Captain at 2020 Pro Bowl (UPDATE)

Michael Vick went to federal prison for dogfighting.

Former quarterback Michael Vick

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Former quarterback Michael Vick

UPDATED 12/10, 1:15 p.m ET: Another petition has emerged on calling for Michael Vick to not be removed as a Pro Bowl captain. "Michael Vick was an amazing player during his time in the NFL," the petition reads. "He committed a crime. He paid his debt for that crime. His crime doesn't negate his records and his contribution to the teams he played for. The same people who will preach about forgiveness for injustices against human life will hold grudges in regards to animals. Forgiveness is forgiveness."

At the time of writing, nearly 180,000 people have signed. 

See original story below. 

A petition is circulating the internet in hopes of getting Michael Vick removed as one of the honorary captains of this year's Pro Bowl, Philadelphia's local ABC affiliate reports.

In November, the NFL announced that Vick would be one of the four "Legends Captains" at the 2020 Pro Bowl alongside Hall of Famers Terrell Davis, Darrell Green, and Bruce Smith. These players are set to serve as "mentors" for either side's offense or defense. While Vick's historic career makes him a worthy choice, a woman named Joanna Lind believes that he shouldn't be given this role. 

Lind thinks that Vick's 2007 conviction for his role in a dogfighting ring should exclude him from being recognized by the NFL. She expressed these feelings by starting a petition in an effort to catch the league's attention.

"When is the NFL going to take any responsibility for the behavior of its current and former players?" the petition description reads. "To honor a man who had zero regard for animals is unacceptable and I would like your help to make sure he is NOT honored at the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl."

So far, over 498,000 people have signed the initiative.

Despite the high volume of people supporting Lind's cause, there are a lot of fans and former players who support Vick's participation in the event. Those on the side of the quarterback feel as though he served his debt to society and has shown growth as a person. Not only did Vick spend 18 months in total behind bars, but he also fought his way back into the NFL. This, in addition to the influence/impact that Vick has had on the game makes some people believe that this petition is frivolous. 

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