Dez Bryant Targets ESPN’s Malika Andrews Over Delayed Coverage of Josh Giddey Scandal: ‘You Went Out Your Way to Crucify Brandon Miller’

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver vented about 'NBA Today' having "waited forever to make a statement" about Giddey.

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Dez Bryant has fighting words for an ESPN journalist over alleged bias.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver called out NBA Today host Malika Andrews for not covering the Josh Giddey scandal quickly enough. (She spoke about it on air on Monday.)

Giddey, a point guard for Oklahoma City Thunder, is under fire over allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl. The 21-year-old Australian player may be at risk of losing a $40 million sponsorship deal. The NBA launched an investigation into Giddey’s reported relationship with the minor after photos of the two had circulated online.

“@malika_andrews you went out your way to crucify Brandon Miller on draft day over something he didn’t even do,” wrote Bryant on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Why haven’t you said nothing about Josh Giddey. I advise you not to make this a black or white thing.”

35-year-old Bryant continued, “Your parents really raised you wrong and just because you went to a private school don’t make you better. You appeal and I know your kind. You just a puppet. I dont know how a former or current nba player could sit there across from you and look at you with some kind of respect.”

Brandon Miller, a Charlotte Hornets rookie, was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit last month by the family of Jamea Harris, a 23-year-old woman who died at a shooting in January near the University of Alabama campus. Although Miller was not charged with killing Harris, police allege that he was asked by his former teammate, Darius Miles, to grab his gun and bring it to his location. 

Less than a half-hour after his initial tweet, Dez Bryant responded to a user who pointed out that Andrews spoke about Giddey on NBA Today on Monday.

“It was by public demand! They felt the heat!" he answered. "They waited forever to make a statement. Certain athletes get the privilege innocent till proven guilty. Certain athletes are guilty until proven innocent and by that time who gives a fuck. You already got the label on you. Ain’t nobody going to tell me how this game go. It’s sick.”

Twitter: @DezBryant

Twitter: @DezBryant

Bryant continued to go back and forth with users questioning his remarks, adding, “People who have never ever been on the other side of sports will never understand. Why should I give fuck when the narrative is built against us to fail?”

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