Bay Area-based radio station KBLX has issued a ban on Drake's music for the duration of the 2019 NBA Finals, The Mercury News reports. The decision by KBLX is in response to Drake's not-so-subtle support of the Toronto Raptors, the last team standing in the way of a Golden State Warriors 3-peat. 

"(We) could not stand on the sidelines and accept Drake showing no love for our Golden State Warriors," Elroy Smith, KBLX operations and programs director, said of their self-appointed ban. "It is my joy to cease and desist all of Drake’s music on KBLX in support a team that is loved by the Bay Area and around the world. Oh yes, we are proclaiming a 3-peat." 

While Smith claims these actions were taken because the station couldn't "accept Drake showing no love for our Golden State Warriors," the opposite could easily be perceived as being the truth since the rapper has taken a clear liking to many players on this Warriors team.

Drake has both Steph Curry and Kevin Durant's nickname and number tatted on his arm. 

One day after their brief face-to-face exchange following the Warriors' Game 1 loss, Drake and Draymond Green were spotted meeting up in a private room at The Cactus Club Cafe. Deep down, Drake most likely doesn't have an issue with anyone on the Warriors, but it's just like what he told Mallory Edens, daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes, "all is fair in war and war." Both teams are at war over the right to hoist the Larry O'Brien, so anything goes. 

But why couldn't KBLX do what Klay Thompson is doing and only boycott his "soft" songs?