With Game 1 of the NBA Finals set to tip off on Thursday night, fans and critics are wondering how the Warriors will deal with Toronto superfan Drake and his music. For this, Golden State guard Klay Thompson has devised a very simple plan.

"If it's a bad song I'll skip it," Thompson responded bluntly when asked if he'll mute Drizzy's songs during the series. Thompson then went on to admit that Drake has undeniable bangers so it's easy to separate the musician from the fan. 

"If it's one of his hits I'll play it," he said. "I've been a Drake fan since I was in high school. He's a great artist. Do I like him as a Raptor fan? No. But, I like him as a musician. He's extremely talented."

Although Thompson won't completely remove Drake from his pre-game routine, he did state that he'll actively avoid Champagne Papi's more melodic tracks simply because they don't fit the vibe he's trying to create. 

"I'll definitely skip the song if I don't like it," he continued. "And if it's one of his soft, R&B songs I'mma skip it because I'm in kill mode right now. I'm trying to get these four games so I'll skip 'Hotline Bling' or anything along that line."

The disdain for "Hotline Bling" seems to be a common feeling within the Warriors' organization. As coach Steve Kerr prepared for the series, he was asked if he's concerned about Drake's sideline antics. Kerr saw the question as a perfect opportunity to make a slick "dad joke" using Drake's hit record.

"I'm not worried about Drake," Kerr answered. "I called him on his cell phone earlier."