Drake is fully aware of the idea that he's a curse on sports teams. And he used that to his advantage tonight, rocking 76ers  shorts to guarantee that his hometown Raptors would best Philly in Game 7. He showed off the gear on his Instagram Story as his friends freaked out over the ending of the game.

The television watching public was faced with a tough choice today: Game 7 of Raptors-Sixers or the fight for King's Landing on Game of Thrones. Luckily, Kawhi Leonard had a sense of what fans were giving up, bringing a twist worthy of George R.R. Martin to the very end of the series.

Leonard buried the dagger in the Sixers' playoff hopes and dreams and Drake twisted that knife a little further, tagging Joel Embiid as "sad Philly boy" in a post to his Instagram, adding to his ownership of Embiid during this year's playoffs. 


While Drake and Co.  were losing it, the rest of Twitter was right there with him.