Scottie Pippen believes in the ways of his old coach. The Bulls legend told TMZ that he thinks the Zen Master and his Triangle offense would turn the struggling Los Angeles Lakers around. 

Approached by a paparazzo in Beverly Hills, Pippen said that he definitely believes Jackson could return to the Lakers —a team he won two titles with— and not only get them to the playoffs but walk off with the title at the end of the season.

"That's all he [Phil Jackson] do is win," the Hall of Famer said of his former coach.

Pippen also said he hopes that Jackson will return to the league. Jackson retired in 2011 with 11 championship wins, the most ever by a coach in the NBA, and Pippen is looking forward to the idea of the 73-year-old's return.

"I would like to say yes," Pippen said when asked if Jackson will ever coach again. 

In spite of all the hypotheticals, however, Pippen isn't looking to push current Lakers coach Luke Walton out of his job.

"I like Luke," he said simply.

Walton has been on a bit of a hot seat recently, if the gossip around the Lakers is to be believed. Reports of a rift between Walton and the team's star player LeBron James forced the coach to publicly address the state of their relationship. 

"I don't know anything about that," Walton said when asked about the tension. "LeBron and I get along just fine." 

The Lakers are currently three games out of the final playoff spot and you can bet that if they don't get there, Walton is going to be in trouble. Maybe they'll look to a figure like Jackson to add a new wrinkle in the age of the superteam.