The traveling road show of P.T. Barnum's dreams, the Warriors, were in Toronto on Thursday night to take on the Raptors. Because it's the 6 and he's their global ambassador, Drake was conspicuously courtside jawing with good buddy Kevin Durant all night. Perhaps his light-hearted smack was a catalyst for KD's 51-point explosion, his third consecutive game for the Dubs with at least 40 points. But it wasn't enough to stop the 131-128 Raptors overtime win that even had losing coach Steve Kerr marveling about what an "incredible" game it was for the fans.

But all of that pales in comparison to what transpired between KD and Drake, and we're not talking about how Durant gave Drizzy his game-worn jersey afterward. It was when KD reached out and, perhaps tried to grab the KD tattoo Drake may have on his arm. 

Here's another angle.  

Anyone that's suffered through middle school is familiar with the move, which we've actually seen cause a fight in a bar once (note: don't ever do this to strangers who are three bourbons deep). 

Drake appeared unfazed by the pinch.

The internet, however, was not.

Really enjoyed how this person explained what a titty twister was with a parenthetical about a purple nurple.

KD told reporters Drake "talks a lot of trash over there on that sideline":

It seems KD had Drake...goosed most of the night with his incredible shot making, though.

The titty twister was only part of KD's revenge, but Kawhi Leonard and the streaking Raptors got the final say with the win, their seventh straight. And you just know Drake's gonna drop some bars about this moment.

By the way, this pseudo clairvoyant tweet is from two and a half years ago: