Proud Toronto native Drake is an enthusiastic supporter of his hometown Raptors, but he shared an Instagram photo on Tuesday evening that has people questioning where his true NBA allegiances stand.

Drake is seen posing in front of a basketball hoop, wearing a throwback high school LeBron James jersey. But that's not what's important here. Look at his left bicep and see if you notice anything interesting.

See the numbers "30" and "35" tattooed on his left arm? Those, of course, are the numbers of Golden State Warriors Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. As ESPN's Jovan Buha points out, Drake may have each of their names tattooed under the numbers as well, sort of.

The image is too blurry to properly make out what it says under each number, but the helpful folks at SBNation did a little digging and found an old Instagram photo from August that more clearly shows the tattoos.

Here, you can see the word "SNIPE" under the "35" tattoo. As diehard Kevin Durant fans know, his social media handle used to be @easymoneysniper. Coincidence? 

We've yet to find a clear image of the word under the "30" tattoo, but Drake's past interactions with each player leads us to believe these tattoos are in fact references to Curry and Durant. The three of them were spotted hanging out together last April, and the NBA fined the Raptors $25,000 for tampering back in 2014 after Drake made comments trying to convince Durant to come play in Toronto.

Drake's complicated history of questionable tattoo decisions continues.