Jay Z is the former minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets (he got out of that one at the right time, aye?), allegedly made the Yankees cap more famous than the Yankees can, and founded the Roc Nation Sports agency. Shawn Carter doesn't just rap about sports; he's a bit of a fanatic.  With that said, it definitely is still fun to listen to him drop sports metaphors whether they're tightly constructed (see the "Pump It Up" freestyle or the epic "Lyrical Exercise") or stinging backhanders like the one Stephon Marbury caught on "La-La-La." If Jay Z is the Michael Jordan of rap with his post-Black Album years akin to Jordan's Wizards years, then it makes sense that he'd have some of rap's greatest sports references. Check out some of Jay Z's finest lines while pausing to remind yourself that, damn, this dude is actually 44 today.

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