It isn't easy being a point guard in the NBA. You're expected to set the tone of the game, execute plays set out by the head coach, balance out scoring with dishing the rock and even take a little verbal abuse from teammates. Sorry, Mario Chalmers. Last night, the regular season started with some of the best at the position taking the court, including the nearly 40-year-old Steve Nash, the comeback of Derrick Rose and Chris Paul being, well, Chris Paul.

To commemorate the return of the L, we have put together a list sorting out who are the best and worst at the one today. While the rookies who haven't proved much occupy the bottom of the totem pole, there are a few players who rose up the ranks, thanks to their clutch playoff performance last season. Find out where a veteran like Deron Williams and sophomore Damian Lillard were placed in the 2013-14 NBA Starting Point Guard Rankings.    

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