There are four different types of point guards. There's the scoring type, the defensive type, the passing type, and the all-around type. Isiah Thomas was the latter. Zeke did it all. The 6'1", 180-pound guard out of Chicago was fearless on the basketball court. As the leader of the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons, he won back-to-back titles right after the Magic and Bird era, and just before the Jordan era. In fact, it was Zeke's Pistons that owned Jordan's Bulls during the first six years of Mike's career. That's how good Thomas was. Behind his inviting smile was a menacing killer that could drop 25 points in a quarter in the Finals on a badly sprained ankle. He also wouldn't hesitate to send his goons for you if need be.

On his 52nd birthday, we made a list of the best floor generals ever. We picked defensive cats like Mookie Blaylock and Dennis Johnson to all-around guys like Chris Paul and Tim Hardaway to scoring points like Tiny Archibald and Tony Parker. Walk with us as we try to rank the most important position in basketball. Check out the 25 Greatest Point Guards in NBA History.

Written by Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456)