It's a shame that flopping is here to stay, but regardless, sports fans are just going to have to accept it. It's existance is semi-understandable if you look at it from another perspective, too. As a professional player, of course you're going to do whatever you can to at least make it seem like you're earning those millions. If that means flailing a limb or two—or all four—then so be it. You have to respect the hustle.

But please, PLEASE, at least do it with some dignity. Some of these flops are just outright disrespectful, and the worst part is they actually get the call sometimes.  Selling the call is one thing, but flailing like a killed Call of Duty multiplayer character is a completely uncalled for. Athletes like LeBron James, Manu Ginobili, and Vlade Divac (especially Vlade Divac) are too guilty for their ridiculous flops and dives.

There's occurances in every major sport and we've collected from each one in the 50 Worst Flops and Dives in Sports History. Study them and avoid being a Vlade Divac in your pro-am league, neighborhood club, or what-have-you. Nobody likes a Vlade Divac.

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