32. Indianapolis Colts

Last Week's Rank: 31
Record: 0 - 7
This Week: L @ Saints, 7-62
Up Next: @ Titans, 1:00 Sunday
Trending: Down

You know who's a really funny guy? Me! Read the first sentence of my blurb on the Colts last week: "They're not getting blown out like they were at the beginning of the season...". Ha! So funny, the entire state of Indiana forgot to laugh. But seriously, thank God for flex scheduling. The Colts still have two primetime games on their schedule, and they'll have to play the Thursday nighter against Houston before Christmas (unless the NFL gets really flexible with its scheduling), but the league HAS to flex out of the December 4th Sunday night game at New England. Unless they want Wes Welker to pick up 341 catches in one game, and they don't want that since it would really screw up the record books. —Jack Erwin