A month ago, no one thought the St. Louis Cardinals had a shot to win the 2011 World Series. Despite the fact that they'd cut their deficit in the NL Wild Card chase to just five games—down from more than 10 games in late August—they were still trailing the Atlanta Braves with just 15 games left in the season. So we've gotta give a ton of credit to the Cards fan who boldly put down two $250 bets on the team in early September—one to win the NL pennant and the other to win the World Series. Obviously, he's already won the pennant bet, taking home a nice $125,000 payday for his incredible insight on a 500-to-1 longshot. But, does he have an even bigger payday ahead of him?

If the Cards can somehow manage to overcome last night's ninth-inning collapse, he stands to collect $250,000 (that's 999-to-1 odds, folks!) if they win the World Series. Yes, 250 thousand bucks. Pretty fuckin' incredible, if you ask us. And pretty damn lucky, too. [via Deadspin]

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