Rappers are the new athletes in the sneaker world when it comes to moving product. Names like LeBron James and Zion Williamson can still turn heads, but the paradigm has clearly shifted in the marketplace. And there arguably isn’t an entertainer who is a bigger draw in sneakers right now than Travis Scott

The rapper experienced a meteoric rise in mainstream popularity over the past few years, thanks in large part to his massively successful third studio album, Astroworld, and countless brand partnerships. Despite no official signature sneaker to speak of like the aforementioned names, Nike has let Scott put his spin on various silhouettes ranging from Air Force 1s to Air Jordan 6s. Not everyone can say they’ve been able to play with the branding on one of the most iconic shoes ever made, or stamp their personal logo in place of a Jumpman. He has gotten to do both. 

The craziest part is that there doesn’t seem to be any signs of him slowing down any time soon. The 31-year-old now has over 20 retail releases under his belt with countless other friends and family exclusive offerings that have surfaced along the way. His name holds so much weight nowadays that Nike has even tried to drum up hype for some of its newer silhouettes using his co-sign like the Air Jordan 33 and Air Max 270 React ENG.

As Scott’s catalog of collabs continues to increase, we decided to take a look at all of his projects thus far, and rank them from worst to best.