It’s officially time to stop arguing about the best sneakers of 2022. The fights over which pairs were most important, most coveted, and most celebrated by the masses should be settled by now. We are past the expiration date of any “Happy New Year” salutations, which means it’s time to start thinking about the sneakers that are ahead of us.

It’s nowhere near time to rate the best sneakers of 2023—we’ll get a headstart on that in six months—but based on leaks and rumors about releases this year, we can certainly look ahead and get excited about the shoes we know are coming out. That’s what we’re here for, right? To get excited about shoes?

These are, from our vantage point, the most anticipated sneakers of 2023. As usual with these lists, we’ve done our best to combine the taste of Complex’s sneaker editors with those of our audience. We filtered out the more niche selections in an attempt to capture what we feel like will be some of the biggest sneakers of the next year. As always, feel free to debate the merits of them on the platform of your choice. Also as always, when it comes to sneakers that haven’t yet been officially confirmed by the brands, keep in mind that the windows of arrival for these pairs and some of the details around them are subject to change.