The Top 10 Superhero Sneakers of All Time

From Asics inspired by X-Men to Kobes channeling the Joker, these are our picks for the top 10 superhero sneakers of all time.

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Collectors of sneakers and comic books share a handful of common traits: both can be nerdy, territorial types prone to spending absurd amounts of time and money on their hobby. Both passions come with the burden of explaining them to people not in the know. At social functions, during small talk at work, or when catching up with relatives, these people may be expected to defend the significance of an Air Jordan 1 from 1985 or an ancient issue of Action Comics. Collectors of both kinds will go to great lengths to protect these artifacts, treating them as treasure and stacking them up in secret preserves.

The interests of the comic book lover and the sneaker obsessive will occasionally find a perfect middle ground in the form of special edition shoes that reference (officially or otherwise) the characters of comic lore. A pair worn by an animated Spider-Man onscreen becomes a real-life colorway launched in conjunction with the web slinger’s latest movie. A classic basketball shoe is re-imagined as the footwear for a member of the Fantastic Four. Gathered here are what we believe to be the very best of these superhero sneakers, ranked.

The list groups certain shoes together—big packs that all feature the same silhouette were worth considering as one entry so as not to bog down the rankings. It features both official collaborations with superhero properties and shoes that merely reference their heroes. The list ignores a great deal of superhero style sneakers that are downright tacky, that go too far in flaunting their source material to be anywhere near tasteful designs that one can actually wear. It even groups in a couple of villains because some of those shoes are too good to ignore and every superhero needs a villain.

10. Nike Air Max 95 'Human Torch' (2006)

9. Marvel x Air Jordan 1 'Origin Story' (2018)

8. Kith x Marvel x Asics Gel-Lyte III 'X-Men' (2023)

7. Nike Air Foamposite Lite 'Kryptonate' (2009)

6. Nike Air Foamposite Pro 'Dr. Doom' (2006/2016)

5. Nike Dunk Low 'Ultraman' (1999)

4. Nike SB Dunk High 'Incredible Hulk' (2003)

3. Nike Zoom Kobe 5 'Chaos' (2009)

2. Marvel x A Bathing Ape Bapesta (2005)

1. Nike Air Force 1 'Invisible Woman' (2006)

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