How adidas CONFIRMED Will Change the Game for Sneakerheads in Canada

Looking for the best shoe app in Canada? There's a new contender: the adidas CONFIRMED app is officially available in the Great White North. Find out more.

adidas Confirmed app illustration with various Yeezy sneakers
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adidas Confirmed app illustration with various Yeezy sneakers
Buying adidas Pharrell NMD shoes on the CONFIRMED app

This is good news for sneakerheads looking to round out their collection. “That thrill of chasing the shoe you really want to add to your collection—you tell the story and the journey that you’ve been on with that shoe or how you collected it. And I think every sneakerhead I’ve certainly interacted with likes to tell a story about each shoe in their collection. So I think this experience will continue with CONFIRMED,” says Dhanji.

Dhanji also clarifies that the release of the CONFIRMED app in Canada only marks the beginning of its roll-out. “We’ll have a number of drops sneakerheads in Canada will be quite excited about…. Obviously it’s not a one-time campaign.”

While Dhanji is cautious not to play favourites when it comes to the drops he’s most looking forward to, he does reveal his all-time favourite shoe: “I’ll probably give away my age now, but I’m a true OG,” he says with a self-deprecating laugh. “I’d have to honour the old school—the retro vibe of the adidas ZX 8000. People just tend to get really nostalgic every time I wear them. [They] go down memory lane, share a story. It’s kind of cool that a shoe can invoke emotion and memory in this way, and this particular one does.”