West's Adidas Yeezy silhouettes all look drastically different. The sleek knit design of the 350 V2 is a drastic switch up from the chunky 500 model, and there is a reason for that. Aside from the obvious goal of offering a wide array of products to consumers, Yeezy also looks in many different areas for to inspire his work. Some of his ideas come from 3,000-year old sketches. Sometimes he gets inspired by vintage Lamborghinis. He even referred to Yeezy as "the Lamborghini of shoes." One of his points of reference is the classic anime film Akira

"My mom took me to see Akira when I was really young, and the shapes, the color palettes, and the general mood of the film had always been a big inspiration for Yeezy," West told Forbes. "And going to auto shows with my dad. The first time I saw a white Lamborghini Countach in real life, I remember the guy told me I couldn't even touch the car. I was obsessed with this car as a child. There's a little bit of Lamborghini in everything I do."