Price: $160
When: Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 10 a.m.
Where: Nike SNKRS and other select retailers
What You Need to Know: One of the most frustrating parts about modern sneaker culture is the fact that many of the people copping pairs on release day are doing so for no other reason than to flip them for even more money. In a unique protest of sorts, Jordan Brand is releasing the "Not For Resale" Air Jordan I. The pair features a traditional black-and-white leather upper with red accents. The important details come in the form of various text written across area of the shoe a la Virgil Abloh that read messages like "Not For Resale" on the midsole, "Wear Me" across the tongue tags, "Please Crease" on the toe boxes, "No Photos" stitched on the heel, and "No L's" on the insoles.