For the latest installment of their "From the Ground Up" series, Highsnobiety took a deep dive into the sneaker culture's delayed embrace of women voices. 

"It's natural for that market to kind of capitalize on a cultural movement that's happening," Jackie Kim, associate fashion director at Barneys New York, said of major brands' recent moves toward a less male-centered approach to design and marketing. "Women have been wearing sneakers for, you know, quite some time now and I think it's finally getting the recognition that it needs from the bigger brands to really push forward in terms of design and sizing to give female clients the same sneakers that they've always wanted."


Gia Seo, stylist and creative consultant, added that—by her assessment—this conversation is very American-specific given the fact that brands like Adidas and Reebok have already been doing this elsewhere. "But what's great is that they're making a change," she told host Pete Forester of Nike's recent moves.

Catch the full "From the Ground Up" episode, also featuring interviews with Alexandra Hackett (a.k.a. @miniswoosh) and Jordan Women's VP Andrea Perez, up top.