The first six months of the sneaker calendar are always the hardest to judge. It can lead you to believe that the year is going to pan out to be boring, but that’s rarely is the case when it’s all said and done. Brands off-slate the majority of their releases in the fourth quarter, with a few gems sprinkled around New York Fashion Week and All-Star Weekend. This year is a bit different, though. It’s been pretty, pretty good.

There have been great Jordan retros, awesome Nike runners, solid Adidas Yeezys, and a strong run of collaborations. There’s been something for everyone, even for the soccer fans during the World Cup. And we can’t forget the importance of the dad shoe during 2018.

With all those choices, it’s been tough to countdown the best sneakers of 2018 (so far), but that’s what they pay us the big bucks to do: to argue about which sneakers are better than others. So without further adieu, here they are.