Summer is officially here, and that usually means one thing: clean, new sneakers. Not only can you finally pull out some of your best pairs without having to worry about them getting trashed in lousy weather, but this season’s also loaded with a bunch of great releases that should be on your radar.

If you think summer’s strictly the time for white low tops, you should broaden your horizons. Everyone else is going to have the same idea: white lows have become the summer sneaker uniform piece in recent years, but it’s almost a little too easy. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, consider adding one or more of these pairs to your rotation.

From retro Js to the next wave of adidas Ultra Boosts and Kendrick Lamar’s latest Reebok collaboration, these are the sneakers that have both the streets and social media buzzing. Keep in mind that more releases are sure to be announced in the coming weeks, so stay alert out there. It’s gonna be a real hot summer.