Understanding the true value of your sneakers is critical. If you're a seller, you have to price according to the market if you want your pairs to move. And if you're a buyer, knowing the true value of a pair of sneakers will help you from overpaying.

Last weekend's release of the Air Jordan VI "Cigar" and "Champagne," or "Celebration" pack, has been one of the most highly anticipated drops of the year. These are the kinds of sneakers that resellers live for (literally), but what do the aftermarket numbers reveal?

ShoeFax, an app that provides insights into sneaker data, investigated just that.

Based on sales data on eBay and Kixify, ShoeFax discovered that pre-release pairs of the "Cigar," had an average resale price of $445.39, which represents $195 over retail price. This is out of 323 pairs sold.

For its counterpart in the pack, the "Champagne," out of only 155 pairs sold—less than half compared to the "Cigar"—the average resale price was found to be $488.30. This represents $238 over MSRP.

Keep in mind this is for pre-sale prices from May 13 to June 11, so these numbers might have gone up or down depending on how the overall release went for people last weekend. Nonetheless, it's looking like the sneakers really did live up to the hype.

[via ShoeFax]

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