We knew that the Solebox x adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged was a special shoe from the moment we saw it, but who could've foreseen aftermarket prices like this? 

Now that the sneaker's global release has come and gone, we're able to get a better feel of where resell prices are settling, and it's not looking pretty to say the least. A quick scroll through sold listings on eBay shows several pairs that eclipsed the $700 mark, a few that reached the neighborhood of $800 to $900, and two listings that have actually sold for $1,000 and up.

While premium aftermarket prices for rare collaborations like this are the norm, these numbers are considerably higher than what we've seen for other Ultra Boost collaborations this year. 

We reached out to Solebox founder Hikmet Sugoer, who designed the store's Ultra Boost collaboration, and he said that this is one of the first instances where he's not sure if the demand is due to his design work or the model itself. "I had the luck that the silhouette got a immense hype boost right now," Sugoer said. 

As far as the extreme resell prices, Sugoer said he's not surprised, but wishes people would take a different approach. "They should start wearing them instead of reselling them for stupid money. Spoken for myself: It honors my work more if the people love to wear them," he said.