Someone else has convinced every one of us to do something we never intended to do at one time or another. It’s called influence, and it happens for various reasons. Maybe you purchased a sneaker because an athlete wore it during a game or bought a piece of footwear because a singer laced it up on the cover of a magazine. Whatever the case, the sneaker industry relies heavily on endorsements and powerful people convincing the general public to buy product.

These folks come from many walks of life. Generally they’re athletes and those who get paid to endorse a brand, but there are also CEOs, designers, celebrities, and those with pull on social media. To come to a conclusion on this list, we only selected those who are changing or bringing people into the sneaker industry—not just people that are decent at their jobs at a powerful company.

This is a collection of movers and shakers. It’s the people who are swimming against the stream and bringing followers along with them. Without this group of men and women, the sneaker world would be drastically different. Here are the 25 Most Influential People in The Sneaker Right Now.